Granite, also known as natural stone, is quarried from the earth. It is naturally formed stone that is long-lasting, and cost-efficient. It is used as a building material in many homes and/or buildings. To give smooth and stylish look, it is engineered and processed with the help of machineries. It possesses distinctive characteristics of strength, style and high level of functionality. These qualities have increased its usability according to the requirements. People use it for various purposes ranging from kitchen counter tops, bathroom surfaces to any other surface. Although, the most common use of it is in making kitchen countertops.

Each slab of granite is a unique sampling of nature’s exquisite artwork. Unlike other counter tops, it holds qualities like resistance towards scratches, heat, and stains. It is non-porous and helps in protecting against mold and moisture. Granite material can withstand heavy loads and has a long-term use with minimum degradation level. It can be easily cut and fitted according to your kitchen size. It is hard and tough and at the same time smooth and elegant from the surface. All these qualities make granite, the most common choice among customers.

Kitchen gets its grace by adorning granite counter tops. Granite-slabs are available in different natural colors, patterns and edges. It naturally has typical and varied swirls, veins and specks that add to the beauty of counter tops. One can get endless options of granite-slab from a mixture of different colors and patterns. The choice of customer determines the look and beauty of a kitchen. Many people prefer to visit the stone yard to make their final selection of granite. This way, they can be certain that the slab has patterns they want.

All granite countertops are sealed when fabricated. Periodically they need another application of the sealer. The sealer can be easily applied from a spray bottle in the same fashion as window cleaner and simply wipes off. Granite Shield ® protection has recently become available as a permanent sealing option for natural stone products.

The Marble Institute of America is an organization who’s purpose is to promote and to be the authority on natural stones.